Industrial processing

The best way to evaluate the machinability of steel is by an industrial trial. Therefore, Olarra has carried out a trial while producing the tools pictured here with steel OLSA-3316 MECAMAX-AV®. During the production of these items, the following operations where conducted: cylinder rotation, facing, standard form turning and form turning at 45º while working on a 32 mm diameter with carbide processing tools type ISO P40 on an automatic lathe. The results are shown in the following chart. We would like to emphasize that in these trials the tool wear was 65 per cent lower when steel with MECAMAX-AV® technology was processed compared to standard steel.

Advantages of MECAMAX-AV®

  • boosts profitability
  • increases tool life
  • increases cutting speed by up to 30 %
  • improves surface finish
  • provides reproducible results
  • reduces machining costs
  • achieves better cold and hot formability
  • improves machinability while maintaining the same corrosion resistance

Mecamax Productpresentation (PowerPoint)