We exclusively use material from Western Europe

We focus in our delivery programme on round, square and hexagonal bars in the most different lengths and surface finishes. Available are different round measurements up to the tolerance h6. We have an extensive stock of tolerance e8 and f8 piston rods. In addition, we stockpile niche products and special measurements. Should gaps in our delivery programme arise, we are able fill them at very short notice.

Firmly reserved capacities of primary material at our suppliers guarantee that our customers will receive quantities of new productions within a short delivery time. Our delivery programme includes only products from Western Europe, because a high quality level is our foremost target. This standard we want to keep although the pressure from companies from the Near East is rising.

For the machining industry our MECAMAX-qualities represent a real motor of progress. These materials offer significant advantages in the manufacturing process. Here we collaborate closely with our parent company.