As a steel trading company for stainless and acid proof bright steels we concentrate on a broad range of customers in the steel processing industries. We offer a wide-ranging supply of stainless steel material, which among others is used in the automotive industry. Nowadays, we have most of all specialised in long products made of bright steel. A high quality standard and a constantly good quality have always been our foremost targets. Our delivery programme includes only products from Western Europe.

Whether in our head office in Mülheim or at our sites in Stuttgart/Korb, Frankfurt and Hamburg/Winsen: you will always find us and our staff close by. This is a good basis to ensure your individual support as well as an intensive partnership between us.

We have invested about six million euros in our new company headquarters in Mülheim to optimise marketing, development, procurement and logistics and to expand our export ratio further.

Our improved logistics, partly with company-owned trucks, guarantee an extremely fast delivery and a short processing time for orders – enabling our customers to minimise their storage costs. Solid investments characterise our commitment to environmental protection as well: to forgo fossil fuels and to reduce CO2 emissions, we have decided to equip our administrative building of 1,000 square metres with a modern geothermal heating. In addition, rain water accumulating on the hall roof is collected and used as process water.