Corporate Culture

Appreciation and trust

For us, trust, openness and intensive communication with our employees are no catchphrases but an essential part of our corporate culture.

We have created important foundations for a relationship based on trust and mutual appreciation: flat hierarchies, well-defined operating procedures and space for the employees to act on their own responsibility.

We invest into people. We always qualify several commercial apprentices at the same time.

Environmental policy

Protecting the environment and saving natural resources are an important company vision of Ibero Stahl. Compliance with official requirements and legal regulations on environmental protection is a matter of course for us. By using eco-efficient technologies and materials in all of our areas of business, we constantly try to contribute to the saving and recycling of natural resources.

While planning our new office building and our warehouse in 2006/2007, it was important to us to find an energy technology which meets the newest ecological standards. In cooperation with the firm Geowell, we have decided to install and operate a geothermal heat pump system. This technology is one of the most effective possibilities to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we have attached importance to reuse the water which accumulates naturally. Collected rain water is used to flush toilets and to irrigate our greens.

We carry out a continuous improvement process within our economic means. We encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to become more environmentally conscious. We always try to find new possibilities to burden our environment less, to avoid waste and to use fewer energy.